Who Will Be Braves Team Leader After Chipper Retires?

The biggest problem most people thought the Atlanta Braves would have heading into this season was finding a leader to take the place of the newly retired Chipper Jones. While it is impossible for anyone to replicate what Chipper Jones brought to the Braves, they have several players that have been providing the veteran leadership needed of a winning team.

Tim Hudson is probably the player that is taking the biggest leadership role since the loss of Chipper Jones. He is the oldest player on the team, and he has been an Atlanta Brave longer than anyone else currently on the roster. Tim Hudson is able to get respect from every player in the locker room because of his work ethic and knowledge of the game.

Reed Johnson is the other vocal leader of the Atlanta Braves. This is only his second year on the team, but that has not stopped him from getting the respect from all of the players. Reed Johnson is the type of player that makes every team he is on better by his attitude in the locker room, and that is something that is extremely hard to find. He is going to make everyone play their hardest on every play.

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